Online first-aid kit for starters

A 5 step course to boost your online business


Start with writing

You are good in what you do. No doubt. Needless to say that you are not the only one with these skills and providing these particular services. But you are the only one who is… YOU. Before you start presenting yourself to the world, write your story down, for you.

Ask yourself the following questions and write down the first answer that comes to mind.


Why is my work important? How does it benefit others? What greater whole does it contribute to? What does it lead to? What does it do to me when I am working? Who does it benefit?



How do I approach my work? How do I distinguish myself from others through this approach? What are my Unique Selling Points (USP)? What are characteristics of my personality that come in handy everytime challenges present themselves?



What do I call what I do? What name does my product or service have? What do I sell? What do people get?

Start with why
A lot of companies don’t get it. They tell their customers what they do (‘we sell computers’), then how they do it (‘with great service and warranty’), and perhaps also why (‘we want to make your life better’). But do they ever wonder who their clients are and what they want? (See also Step 2).

Writer Simon Sinek became famous with his TED Talk about leadership, in which he challenged entrepreneurs to turn this around. He believes that the success of computer company Apple can be explained by the fact that they start with the why-question (‘we challenge the established order’), then explain how they do it (‘in an innovative way’), and finally explaining that they do that by making computers, among other things.


Golden Circle

Sinek calls this the Golden Circle:
1. Why you do it
2. How you do it, and
3. What you do

In Simon Sinek’s view, if you neglect the why-question, success will never come. According to this theory, your future customers will mainly be inspired by your why. It represents your inner fire, your driving force as a creative entrepreneur, the reason you get up every morning.

Of course, practical matters are important too, for instance a polished website to be found on the internet. But what does it mean if you’re not in touch with your intrinsic drive. It is about fulfilling your true potential, connecting with your soul’s purpose. Tell the world what you have to offer with a story ‘from the heart’!
Example: Apple’s Golden Circle